Julie 10.11.16

From the UK, in Sydney on holidays, it was a last minute decision to do a Harley ride was worth it. Steve showed her the beautiful sights of Sydney and she loved it – the Harley ride and the city.

School formal Harley transfer

School Formal 09.11.16

A great way to end school! We supplied trikes, Harleys and sidecars to take the boys to their school formal. They loved it even though it started raining halfway there. At least they made an entrance! The girls went in Hummers which are good but not as exciting.  🙂

Jac, Jo + Pat 06.11.16

Pat’s daughter Cara in the UK, organised a surprise private tour for her mum and aunts when they visited Sydney on holidays. Troll pulled up in front of them and they did get a shock but they after they got over the shock they loved it. Troll showed them all around the inner beaches and Kirribilli and dropped them off at Q Station so they could do a ghost tour.harley-trike-tour-manly-australia-jacjopat1

Harley tour Sydney

Maria + Pan 06.11.16

Maria & Pan are from the UK here on a short holiday, it was Maria’s idea to book the Harley city tour she tried to keep it a secret but couldn’t hold back the excitement and told Pan just the night before.

Jungle and David took them over the Harbour Bridge back through Kirribilli, Mrs Macquarie’s chair, Botanical Gardens and onto the eastern suburbs Rose Bay through to Bondi Beach. They were both very happy to see the city this way.


Martin, Jaclyn + Nat 05.11.16

For their anniversary, Jaclyn bought them both a trike ride to celebrate. They brought their son with them and he felt so safe he feel asleep. They all had a wonderful time


Troll Tours – new website

Thanks for being interested and for looking through Troll Tours – new website. We have been around for 15 years and we just keep on getting bigger. This is our third website and because of this, we haven’t put all the Harley and trike ride photos up yet. Our designer and our server provider both said we have too many photos (a good sign)  🙂 so I won’t put all the old photos up. However, if you have done a Harley or trike ride with us and are looking for the photos, please contact us. I’ll put them back up or email them to you again.

We hope after you have checked out the Troll Tours – new website, you’ll be inspired. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.