Angelique + Jayden 27.11.16

Angelique bought her son a Troll trike ride as a present. After his exams they loved the experience of riding over the Harbour Bridge and seeing the city, a great way to relax.

Chinese Guides 27.11.16

A few tourist guides were in Sydney checking out what we did and what Sydney and Harley rides have to offer their clients. We impressed them and so did Sydney. We look forward to taking their clients on a fun Harley and/or trike ride to show them the sights

Chinese Group 27.11.16

All passengers on Harleys, we took a small group of Chinese tourists from Bondi to the Tall Ships at Walsh Bay, via the scenic route. They are certainly seeing a lot of Sydney while doing interesting experiences and really enjoying their time here.

John + Judith 26.11.16

A surprise ride from their daughter, she was a bit unsure how her Dad would go as he is very conservative when it comes to travelling by motorbike, but he is a converted fan at 85 years of age. What more can we say?

Wayne 20.11.16

Wayne and his carer had a great trike ride up to Pie in the Sky, north of Sydney. Wayne is blind and partly deaf but that didn’t stop him having a great time. He really didn’t want to get off the trike.


Kim + Peter 15.11.16

Checking out the sights of beautiful Sydney on a trike was a great experience. They loved it.

Julie 10.11.16

From the UK, in Sydney on holidays, it was a last minute decision to do a Harley ride was worth it. Steve showed her the beautiful sights of Sydney and she loved it – the Harley ride and the city.

Cristina + Nadia 10.11.16

Mum took one look at the trike and didn’t want to go on it, her daughter had bought the tour as a surprise. Anyway, she got on it and within minutes she was having the time of her life. She’s so glad she did it!

School formal Harley transfer

School Formal 09.11.16

A great way to end school! We supplied trikes, Harleys and sidecars to take the boys to their school formal. They loved it even though it started raining halfway there. At least they made an entrance! The girls went in Hummers which are good but not as exciting.  🙂

Jac, Jo + Pat 06.11.16

Pat’s daughter Cara in the UK, organised a surprise private tour for her mum and aunts when they visited Sydney on holidays. Troll pulled up in front of them and they did get a shock but they after they got over the shock they loved it. Troll showed them all around the inner beaches and Kirribilli and dropped them off at Q Station so they could do a ghost tour.harley-trike-tour-manly-australia-jacjopat1