Piyachat + Chirumporn 26.12.16

Mother & daughter wanting to see Sydney the fun way – with a Troll trike tour.

Trent + Partner 23.12.16

Troll picked up Trent & his partner on the trike. He drove them to Bradley’s Head where Trent proposed – she  said YES! Troll then drove them around romantic places in Sydney before dropping them home.

Amanda + Philip 22.12.16

From the UK, they have been living in Sydney fo a few years. They were given a trike ride as an early Christmas present and think it’s a wonderful way to see parts of Sydney they haven’t seen before.

Gaar + Sunil 17.12.16

A lovely day for a Harley ride around Sydney! You can see by the smiles that they loved the Harley experience!

St Ignatian Children’s Holiday Camp 17.12.16

Two trikes took children with disabilities on rides around the camp area. They absolutely loved it, we have been taking them for quite a few years now and they never get tired of the rides. We can’t show photos due to privacy laws but you should have seen their smiles!

Bailey, Blake, Kaye + Raffi 17.12.16

A unique Christmas present for the kids (and the adults) was a Harley trike ride. Troll & Syl took them on the 3 Bridges Tour. They loved it!

Troll Tours Harley ride, Sydney

Jeff + Seth 14.12.16

From Singapore, father & son loved seeing Sydney on the trike. A great holiday for both of them!

Troll Tours Harley ride, Sydney

Jenny + Karl 13.12.16

A Harley ride was just what an English couple living in Brunai having a holiday in Sydney needed. A Harley ride is a great way to see the Northern Beaches – The Harbour Bridge, Northbridge, Roseville Bridge, Terry Hills, Mc Carrs Creek, Church Point, Palm Beach, Northern beaches back to Manly. They had “a cracking ride” they said.

Troll Tours Harley trike ride, Sydney

Resolution Marketing 12.12.16

Troll Tours was lucky enough to be asked to transfer the businesses employees from work to their Christmas Party lunch at Manly. It’s a beautiful part of Sydney and as the photos show, they had a fun experience.


Eve’s Parents 11.01.17

A Harley trike ride was a present from Eve to her parents. They are visiting from the UK and she wanted them to have a fun time here in Sydney. They loved the tour which picked them up from home and finished at a venue to eat lunch.