June + Trevor 03.01.17

Their son lives in Sydney so when they came for a holiday from the UK, he organised a Troll trike tour. They had a blast, saw heaps and have not stopped talking about it since. The best thing their son has done for them all holidays – they said.  🙂

Kathryn 03.01.17

A Harley ride was just what Kathryn need for a bit of fun. Steve drove her around Sydney and over the Sydney Harbour Bridge to see the beautiful view of the Harbour. A great experience.

Tess 02.01.17

From overseas, Tess decided on the spur of the moment to do a Harley ride with Troll Tours. Perry took her for 2 hours around the city and Eastern Suburbs and she loved. She saw many of the sights of Sydney which lots of people don’t get to see.

Pacific Challenge 02.01.17

From North America, our passengers are in Sydney to do a challenge which earns them points. Troll Tours used Harleys and a trike to take them on a ride of part of the Northern Beaches of Sydney. A grey day but they had such a fun time anyway.

Harley trike tour Bondi Sydney

Webb Expedition 31.12.16

Our passengers are from South Wales and have never been to Sydney before. They organised a 2 hour trike ride to see the east coast of Sydney, from La Perouse in the south to Watsons Bay on the north part of the eastern suburbs. They had a wonderful time seeing the beautiful coast of Sydney, they said.

Linda + Bear 30.12.16

In Sydney from country Victoria, our passengers were doing lots of fun things during their holiday. They saw Troll picking up passengers on a ride and thought they’d love to do it too. So they booked Troll to take them for a ride the next day. They had so much fun and another thing ticked off their bucket list.

Harold + Sherin 29.12.16

Harold loves motorbikes so Sherin surprised him with a trike ride. Troll took them on a 3 hour trike ride around Sydney and the northern beaches. They saw heaps and loved every second of the adventure.

Jess + Peter 29.12.16

From Melbourne our passengers only had a few days in Sydney to celebrate his birthday. Troll took them on a trike tour of the 3 Bridges and they had such a lot of fun.

Phillips Family 27.12.16

A family on holidays in Sydney, four Troll Harley riders took them on a fun ride around Sydney. The Harley riders picked them up from the Seaplane at Rosebay and showed them the sights – including Watsons Bay, Bondi, Double Bay, Mrs Macquarie’s Chair and to their hotel.

Jacky 27.12.16

From Sydney, for many years Jacky had a desire to get on a Harley and go for a ride. Rock rode him around the beautiful places on the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. He saw lots and loved the whole experience.