6year old birthday surprise – Jerry, Col + Dad 19.03.21

Three generations went for this 6year old birthday surprise. It was Jerry’s 6th birthday, Grandpa’s (Col) birthday and Dad went along for the ride. All of us were hoping the rain would hold off and it did. It was Jerry’s actual birthday so being on the correct day made it extra special.

Wakehurst Parkway

Our trike rider Craig, picked them up from home. Home is on the northern peninsula. Firstly, they rode down Wakehurst Parkway. We love the Wakehurst Parkway because the legal speed is slightly faster than everywhere else. Wakehurst Parkway ia apparently, Australia’s most haunted road. It is also home to ‘Kelly’ a mysterious female figure. More info below.

Dobroyd Headland

Then they rode into the posh northern beaches suburbs of Seaforth and Clontarf. Dobroyd Headland was next, it has the best views. The views are the Heads, looking out to the South Pacific Ocean. So far, the 6year old birthday surprise was the best and funnest experience.


Continuing on, they rode to Manly where they rode along the beach front. However, time was nearly up so they headed back home which was the drop off point. In conclusion, the 6year birthday old surprise was a huge success. Best present ever!


Wakehurst Parkway is haunted

The ghost, known as ‘Kelly’, has reputedly terrified motorists over the past five decades. Rumours that circulated among locals on Sydney’s northern beaches had suggested it might be linked to a woman killed in a car accident. But now a new theory has emerged from accounts gathered. Nearby is The Quarantine Station. This is where thousands of travellers arriving in Sydney by ship were sent between the 1830s and 1984 to prevent them spreading disease. Many died in the site’s hospital. Kelly may be a nurse that worked at The Quarantine Station.