Harley 3 Bridges ride

Ange + Kim 10.05.19 – Harley 3 Bridges ride

The Harley 3 Bridges ride was a present to Kim from her boss Ange. What a fabulous present it was! In other words, Ange is the best boss.

ANZAC Bridge

Jungle and Phil picked them up from an inner-city suburb of Sydney. They rode over the first bridge – the ANZAC Bridge. It is a fantastic bridge to ride over on a Harley. Above all, look up and you can see the ‘arches’ and cables supporting the bridge.

After that they rode along side part of the Bay Run. It is a 7 km path which follows the edge of Iron Cove and the Parramatta River. It is a lovely scenic area, therefore people come from everywhere to run, walk and cycle along it.

Gladesville Bridge

Continuing along, they rode through the inner west suburbs of Leichhardt and Rodd Point. Through Drummoyne to the main arterial Victoria Road. This lead them to bridge number two – the Gladesville Bridge. It is a 55 year old, 305 metre long bridge. In addition, it had the longest span concrete bridge in the world until superseded in 1980.

After that are the little bridges of Tarban Creek and Fig Tree River. We don’t class them in our description because they aren’t major bridges. They are on the route though. Down River Road to the lower northern suburbs of Crows Nest and North Sydney.

After stopping at Jeffery Street Wharf, Milsons Point, they did the Kirribilli Loop. Beautiful views of Sydney Harbour, the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge are seen from this area.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

The third bridge is the most famous – the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Make sure you look up as you ride over it, the arches are amazing. The Harley 3 Bridges ride was a big hit. In other words the ride was over all too soon. Kim wrote to us:

“I had my Harley ride yesterday. And just wanted to thank you for a choice as time. Cheers to Jungle George and Co. Can’t wait to treat myself next time. Thanx once again for a choice as 1 hour…”

The 3 Bridges ride