Harley, trike, sidecar tour

Polish Group 16.01.19 – Harley, trike, sidecar tour

A large group of Polish people are visiting Australia on holiday. Their agent organised a Harley, trike, sidecar tour with us. We picked them up from their hotel and took them on a 2 hour tour of the north side before dropping them at Mrs Macquarie’s Chair.

First stop was over the Sydney Harbour Bridge to Kirribilli. They stopped for photos with such a wonderful backdrop of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. Then they continued along the lower north shore until they turned off down to Bradleys Head. This road goes past Taronga Zoo and often you can see koalas in the gum trees – sleeping or eating.

They stopped to take in the view of the city across Sydney Harbour. It is a beautiful city we have to admit. They continued further along the lower north shore, across the picturesque Spit Bridge to Dobroyd Head. This place has wonderful views to both the North and the South Heads and The Tasman Sea.

The Tasman Sea is a marginal sea of the South Pacific Ocean, situated between Australia and New Zealand. It measures about 2,000 kilometres across and about 2,800 kilometres from north to south.

From here they turned back and rode along the lower north shore, across the Harbour Bridge to the drop off at Mrs Macquarie’s Chair. The Harley, trike, sidecar tour was a huge success, our passengers loved every minute of it.

Bradleys Head is a headland protruding from the north shore of Sydney Harbour. It is named after William Bradley. The original Aboriginal inhabitants belonged to the Borogegal clan of the Eora nation, and was known as Borogegy, Booraghee, Booragy or Burrogy. Also on the headland is an active lighthouse, Bradleys Head Light, constructed in 1905. The Bradleys Head Light is an active heritage-listed lighthouse.