Alexandra 19.09.17 – Blue Mountains Harley tour

Hey Katrina,
I had an amazing time. Syl was great! totally accommodating and made sure and that I didn’t freeze to death. The bike was beautiful.
It was an awesome experience.
Alexandria always wanted to do a Blue Mountains Harley tour. Syl picked her up from Springwood in the lower Blue Mountains, then rode through the mountains to Leura, Katoomba and Mt Victoria. They then cut into Bell, Dargan, Clarence cutting through the mountain to Doctors Gap, Hill view, Little Hartley before returning back to Springwood. Alexandra loved her Blue Mountains Harley tour, it was such a lot of fun, a fab experience.
Harley city tour in Sydney

James 17.09.17 – Harley city tour in Sydney

Hi Katrina,
I absolutely loved the Harley city tour in Sydney. Phil was awesome, he took me to lots of cool places and gave a great interpretation of the places we were at. He also gave her (his Harley) a bit of welly when he could, which made my day listening to the big Harley engine roar. I would and did totally recommend this tour to my friends and others as I was made to feel very comfortable on the tour.
By all means you can post the pictures on your page but not sure if i will do your page any justice but the bike looks well.
And again thank you so much and Phil for a great tour
A Harley city tour in Sydney was a present from his wife. James is an Irishman living in Canberra who came up by bus for the ride. Phil took him over the Sydney Harbour Bridge to Blues Point Reserve with its beautiful city view. To the Royal Botanical Gardens and Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, Woolloomooloo, through Kings Cross, past Double Bay and back to drop off point. A Harley city tour in Sydney is well worth the effort of doing.
16th birthday surprise trike ride

Declan + Dylan 14.09.17 – 16th birthday surprise

Hi Trevor,

It was the perfect experience to make his 16th birthday a memory never to be forgotten. Thanks so much for making it all happen particularly with such short notice. I suspect we will be looking for a repeat in the future!!
All The Best
The trike ride was Dylan’s 16th birthday surprise from his parents. Steve picked him and his brother up from home and drove them the scenic route to the Tram Sheds Harold Park. Their parents met them there and they continued the birthday celebrations with dinner. The brothers had a lot of fun waving to passers-by, it was a great 16th birthday surprise.
trike ride, 21st birthday surprise

Ashleigh + Gladys 14.09.17 – 21st birthday surprise

Just a quick note to say thanks. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed herself today. We all enjoyed ourselves. Brian was fantastic!
Will definitely use and refer friends to you.


This trike ride was a 21st birthday surprise. Mum organised the ride as a special experience.

Brian picked the passengers up from their home at Alfords Point and dad followed them in the car. Brian drove them through the Royal National Park, up to Balds Hill, were they stopped for photos. Then Gladys drove the car and the Dad hopped on the trike. Brian then rode down over the Sea Cliff bridge to the Scarborough Hotel. He dropped them off there so they could continue their celebrations with lunch. A fun 21st birthday surprise!

trike ride, Botanical Gardens, Bondi Beach

Olivia + Samantha 12.09.17 – Botanical Gardens, Bondi Beach

Botanical Gardens, Bondi Beach.
Olivia and I loved every minute of our ride, Steve was great and would highly recommend the experience to anyone! Of course you can use the photos.
Thanks for a great trip.
Kind regards

A lovely day for a Sydney Botanical Gardens, Bondi Beach experience. Steve picked the passengers up from Circular Quay railway station, drove them around the Royal Botanical Gardens, past Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, Woolloomoolo, through infamous Kings Cross and over to famous Bondi Beach. They had fun seeing the city sights from the back of the trike and were very happy with the whole experience.

trike ride for Irish tourists in Sydney

Brendan + Bridget 03.09.17 – Irish tourists in Sydney

Irish tourists in Sydney
Hi Katrina,
They had an absolute ball with Steve.  They raved about it for hours afterwards.
Thanks for pics – feel free to upload on social media 👍.
Thanks again
Sinead 🍀
Irish tourists in Sydney love a good time so their daughter-in-law organised a trike ride for them. She had organised a ride with us earlier this year, for her parents and a friend. They loved the trike ride so she thought her in-laws would love it also. They sure did. Steve took them over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and to some of the North Shore Skimmer points of interest – which are rather scenic. So if you have Irish tourists in Sydney organise a trike or Harley ride for them. Your relos or friends don’t actually have to be Irish, any nationality will love a motorcycle – trike or Harley – tour.
trike ride to Pie in the Sky, Cowan

Gal + Julia 26.08.17 – Pie in the Sky, Cowan

Pie in the Sky, Cowan
Hi Katrina
Girls had a lovely time really enjoyed themselves as the photos show. Thanks again to Syl he was fantastic.
Happy for you to you use the photos on social media.
Cheers and thanks for organising at the last minute!
Pie in the Sky, Cowan was a great stop to have a coffee and stretch the legs. Gal is Brazilian and doesn’t speak much English and is in Sydney visiting her family. Her son-in-law organised the trike tour for her and his wife, to do something fun and memorable. Syl picked them up from their home on the north side of Sydney, took them for a ride along the Old Pacific Highway to Pie in the Sky, Cowan. The son-in-law followed them and they all stopped for a coffee and a stretch. Then Syl took them further on to Brooklyn with its beautiful views of The Hawkesbury River. At first, Gal didn’t want her photo taken but she was having so much fun she now wants her friends to see her on the trike on our FB page!
trike ride for 80th birthday present Sydney

Nabil + Tamara 26.08.17 – 80th birthday present in Sydney

80th birthday present in Sydney
A big thank you to Steve for a great ride!
Dad was so suprised and absolutely loved it! He got to see parts of the eastern suburbs and beaches that he hadn’t before and just loved being on the trike! This was the perfect birthday gift and I highly recommend everyone to treat their dads to this!
Thanks Steve and thanks Katrina & Trevor for such a pleasant and easy booking experience.
Am sure we’ll book another tour with you again!
Tam & Nabil
What do you get your dad as an 80th birthday present in Sydney? A trike ride around Sydney of course! Steve picked them up from home, drove them to Bondi where they stopped for photos, around the posh Eastern Suburbs, through Kings Cross, around the Botanical Gardens and across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Then he drove them home again. Dad loved it and Tamara was really happy she did the ride with him. It was a beautiful warm winter’s day which showed off the beautiful Sydney. What does Nacil want for his next 80th birthday present in Sydney? A trike ride.