trike tour for family holiday

James + Family 26.04.18 – trike tour for family holiday

Hi Katrina
Thanks for the photos. If you want to use them go ahead. Really enjoyed it, my parents especially as it was their first time in Sydney. The riders were very good and informative.
Will try and put a review up as well
Many thanks, the guys was really good!
Thanks James
James organised a trike tour for family holiday while they are in Sydney. The son organised the ride for his parents and partner. The parents are from Northern Ireland visiting kids in Perth and the kids flew them to Sydney for a few days to sightsee. They had a wonderful time doing the 3 Bridges ride after Brownie and Brain picked them up from their hotel. They saw a different view of the city than what most visitors see.
Harley tour Sydney Australia

Colin, Jill + Katie 06.04.18 – Harley tour Sydney Australia

“Riding pillion on a Harley is such a cool way to see Sydney! We did the Eastern Panorama – Wow! Perry, Phil and Jungle George were friendly and knowledgeable guides. My 11-year-old loved it – we all did. Would definitely recommend riding with Troll Tours”.
Thanks so much

A family on holidays in Sydney from England, they wanted to do a Harley tour Sydney Australia. Our Harley riders picked them up from their hotel, rode over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Blues Point Reserve with it’s wonderful views, then back over the Bridge to the Eastern Suburbs – Tamarama Beach, Bondi Beach, Rose Bay, Kings Cross, Woolloomooloo before being dropped back at their hotel. They had a wonderful time and saw a lot of new sights and places the usual tourist wouldn’t see.

A Harley tour Sydney Australia is a great way to see the wonderful sights, we can arrange the tour to go anywhere you would like to go. Our website shows ideas but we can tailor them to suit you.

Harley ride to celebrate 60th birthday

Annette + Vincent 23.03.18 – Harley ride to celebrate 60th birthday

Hi Katrina,
Sorry for the delay we have only just returned home. You are more than welcome to put it on your website, I will write a review on Facebook and Trip Advisor in the next couple of days. I am so glad that we had the bikes and not the trikes. Many thanks for all your help and it really made my husband’s birthday.

Kind regards

Annette organised a Harley ride to celebrate 60th birthday of her husband. She wrote to us “It is for my husband’s 60th Birthday, it is a surprise. Thinking of doing the 2 bikes we have both never been on a Harley before so very apprehensive. If I do decide to change to trikes how much notice would I need to give?”. As we told Annette, 98% of our passengers have never been on a Harley or trike before and they love it. Sometimes they are apprehensive but after the first 5 minutes they love it.

Needless to say, Annette and Vincent loved the Harley ride and were not scared at all. Our riders are all professionals who make them feel confident and comfortable on the Harleys. Vincent loved his Harley ride to celebrate 60th birthday.

Harley trike ride corporate lunch transfer

Bayer 15.03.18 – Harley trike ride corporate lunch transfer

Hi Katrina

Thanks so much, everyone loved the ride. We run this event every year and will certainly look to involve Harley transfers again.

Many thanks,

Bayer wanted to give their employees a thank you but with a fun twist to it. They organised a Harley trike ride corporate lunch transfer with us. We used a mixture of trikes, Harleys and a sidecar to pick them up from a hotel in Double Bay. They drove over the Harbour Bridge and through the Northern Suburbs to McCarrs Creek Reserve. They stopped for photos and a stretch before hoping back on their bike and being dropped off at Church Point for them to continue the fun and have lunch. The passengers all had a great time and the riders enjoyed it to.

If you are thinking of something special to do for your company employees, a Harley trike ride corporate lunch transfer is a great idea. If you are one of a couple or a small group and you aren’t corporate, we can do the same for your event, be it a birthday, anniversary or a ‘welcome to Sydney’ celebration.

trike ride while holidaying in Sydney

Kelvin + Kim 11.03.18 – trike ride while holidaying in Sydney

Kim’s review on Facebook. “What a fabulous thing to do on a beautiful sunny Sydney afternoon. Steve was fabulous & we thoroughly recommend this great experience”.

Kim’s email to Troll Tours. “Hey. Was awesome thank you. Steve was great. Yes please share & I’m more than happy to write a good review. A great experience we both enjoyed very much 🥂”

The ride: What better thing to do than a trike ride while holidaying in Sydney! Steve picked them up from Circular Quay and drove them over the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge. They had a look across Sydney Harbour to the Opera House and the west side view of the Harbour Bridge. The passengers had a fun time and would like to do another trike ride next time they are in Sydney.

70th birthday family fun

Family Fun 24.02.18 – 70th birthday family fun

70th birthday family fun

Hi Katrina,

The day was awesome everyone had a great time, the kids loved it and my father in law said he’d never forget it.
I don’t mind if you put the photos on social media that is fine.


Julie said “My father-in-law is 70 wanted to do something different with the family”, so she organised a trike ride for her father-in-law and family. They drove into Sydney so our trike riders picked them up near Darling Harbour and took them on a ride of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and for a spin around the city. They were dropped off back at Darling Harbour so they could continue celebrating with a lunch cruise on the harbour. They had such a fun experience and would do it again.

For a 70th birthday family fun experience, or any number birthday, a trike ride really is something memorable.

Harley North Shore Skimmer tour

Rosemary 24.02.18 – Harley North Shore Skimmer tour

Harley North Shore Skimmer tour

Thank you Katrina,
Mum had a great time on her Harley.

Rosemary was given a gift voucher for her birthday and she loved every second of the ride.

Harley ride Christmas Gift Voucher

Fatima 20.02.18 – Harley ride Christmas Gift Voucher

Hi Katrina

Thank you and Graham for an awesome experience. Much appreciated.


A present from her family was a Harley ride Christmas Gift Voucher. Fatima squeezed in the ride between her busy work schedule. Brownie picked her up and headed north across The Bridge to Bradley’s Head, then onto Seaforth and North Head. Onto Balgowlah for a bit of open road before heading back to Sydney CBD. Despite the threat of rain they were able to dodge it and stay dry. Fatima says the Harley ride Christmas Gift Voucher was the best present ever! She has written on TripAdvisor to say as much.