Harley ride Bondi Sydney

Lynne 08.11.17 – Harley ride Bondi Sydney

Hi Troll

Lynne has just finished her tour. She absolutely loved it and she is telling everyone how “awesome” it was!
Another happy customer.

Kind regards

Lynne was given a Harley ride Bondi Sydney by her uncle. She is out from the UK on a holiday and this is a great way to see the sights on offer in Sydney. Perry took her over the Sydney Harbour Bridge to Blues Point Reserve and it’s wonderful views across the harbour to the Opera House. They drove back over the Harbour Bridge, through the Eastern Suburbs, including Bondi Beach. Then to Harry’s Cafe De Wheels at Woolloomooloo for lunch. Harry’s is famous for its delicious pie and peas. Lynne loved her Harley ride Bondi Sydney and would do it again.

Harley ride around Bondi Centennial Park Sydney

Vicki 07.11.17 – Harley ride around Bondi Centennial Park

Harley ride around Bondi Centennial Park
Hi Katrina,
I had an amazing time on the bike with Phil. Getting me up onto the pillion seat was a bit of a task as I am both short and twisted but he was patient and lent a helping hand.
Didn’t mind the road bumps, saw some beautiful sights and Phil’s commentary was excellent. I was also prone to grinning and laughing a lot it was such an enjoyable time  and I wish it had been longer.
Very glad  I chose Troll and to be paired with such a thoughtful and fun guy as Phil for the journey.
Sitting here still grinning from the experience*:) happy
Thank you so much for arranging the ride Katrina.
On Hols from South Aust. Vicki wanted to do a Harley ride around Bondi Centennial Park Sydney and other Eastern Suburbs beaches. Phil drove her on the Harley around Centennial Park, Bronte, Tamarama, Bondi, Bondi Junction, the Domain and Woolloomooloo. Then it was time to drop her off back at the Hotel. Vicki had a great time and Phil enjoyed taking her on the Harley ride around Bondi Centennial Park Sydney. A fun way to spend an hour.
Eastern Panorama trike tour

Tassie Friends 05.11.17 – Eastern Panorama trike tour


We loved the ride and happy to have one put on social media.  Even the rain did not spoil our ride. Thanks for the photos.
Regards Pauline

Our group of friends from Tasmania wanted to do the Eastern Panorama trike tour. Steve and Fox picked them up in the rain and took them to the various sights in Sydney. Even the rain didn’t dampen their spirits and they had a fun time, as you can see by the smile in the photo. The Eastern Panorama trike tour is a great tour to do to see all the major sights.

Harley ride Sydney Australia

Karen 04.11.17 – Harley ride Sydney Australia

Hi Katrina,

Sorry for the delay in replying.. Jungle was fantastic & would highly recommend him to anyone.

I had a great time, he is friendly & informative, a great host!

Regards Karen

A Harley ride Sydney Australia was just what Karen wanted. She used to ride motorcycles but it had been a while and she needed her”fix”. Jungle picked her up, drove her over the Gladesville Bridge and under Figtree Bridge for a photo stop. They went back over the Gladesville Bridge with it’s lovely views towards the city, around Henley Marine Drive which runs parallel to the famous Bay Run around a small part of the Parramatta River. Karen loved the ride and said she’d recommend “The Jungle” to everyone! So, if you’d like a Harley ride Sydney Australia, we can organise a fun yet professional rider to take you.

Sydney Harbour Bridge trike ride

Adrian + Rachel 29.10.17 – Sydney Harbour Bridge trike ride

Hi Katrina,

The trike ride tour was great! You can upload the photos to social media, it’s ok thanks.


Our passengers wanted to do the Sydney Harbour Bridge trike ride, it is an iconic landmark after all. Steve picked them up from their hotel in the city and drove them over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. They stopped for photos in the Royal Botanical Gardens, near Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, before travelling back to their drop off place. They had a great ride and saw some of Sydney’s best landmarks – the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and Sydney Harbour. The Sydney Harbour Bridge trike ride is a good one to see the basics of Sydney’s landmarks.

25th anniversary surprise

Tim + Wendy 28.10.17 – 25th anniversary surprise

Hi Katrina,
Tim was really surprised and loved the trike. We loved our ride it was absolutely fantastic and we saw some great areas. The weather was perfect.
Brian was fantastic, very approachable and  easy to talk to with lots of Sydney knowledge.
Thanks again we had a great time,

Wendy organised a 25th anniversary surprise for her husband. Brian picked them up at their motel, went across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, stopped to take photos at Blues Point, it’s such a great spot to see across the Harbour to the city. They travelled back over The Bridge, down to Woolloomooloo, through Kings Cross, to Rose bay, across to Bondi Beach for more photos. They were dropped  off at the The Paddington Reservoir Gardens on Oxford Street. They thoroughly enjoyed their experience on the trike.

The Paddington Reservoir was a water reservoir which accepted water from the Botany Swamps pumping station for supply to parts of Sydney between 1866 and 1899. It has been restored and the public can wander through some of the “ruins”.

trike tour North Head Manly

Chris + Miya 26.10.17 – trike tour North Head Manly


Of course you can put the pictures on Facebook!
Say thanks to Steve!
Heading home tomorrow with some great pictures and memorable moments, and this ride was one of them!
Keep up the good work!
Chris and Miya
The trike tour North Head Manly was not what Chris had booked for him and his daughter. They wanted to do the North Shore Skimmer but the Spit Bridge was blocked so the rider changed the ride rather than have them sit in traffic going nowhere. Steve took them along the Northern beaches instead, they were happy with what we did! Our riders are all experienced and we send the riders to different parts of Sydney depending on their knowledge of different areas.
25th anniversary surprise

Ian + Jenny 25.10.17 – Gift Voucher tour

Hi Katrina

We had a wonderful day on the 25th October.  To start with we could not have asked for better weather.
We enjoyed Brian’s company.  He was friendly and easy to chat to and was considerate of our comfort at all times.

He picked a good pub for lunch too.  All in all a great day.

Thanks again to all,

Our passengers were given a Gift Voucher tour for Christmas. They used it today and did the 4 hours Southern Spectacular Tour. Brian picked them up from home and drove them down to and through the Royal National Park, through the park up to Bald Hill Lookout and then the Sea Cliff Bridge. They followed the coast line, stopped at Headlands Pub for lunch and then Brian rode them back to home. They saw some beautiful views and really experienced the adventure of a trike ride and loved every minute of it. So if you don’t know what to get someone for a present, a Gift Voucher tour is a great idea.