Sydney Harbour Bridge ride

Melek + Vedat 04.01.18 – Sydney Harbour Bridge ride

Sydney Harbour Bridge ride
Hi Katrina
They loved the tour and guide Steve.
No they wont mind. Thanks again

Our passengers from overseas wanted to do a Sydney Harbour Bridge ride. It is an icon everyone knows about and wants to see for themselves.

On the trike, Steve picked the passengers up from Circular Quay station and drove them over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and then on to Blues Point Reserve where they could see the Bridge from the side. It was a beautiful day for a ride and it really did show off our Sydney Harbour Bridge, it’s not an icon that is easily forgotten.

Sydney sights Harley tour

Gordon + Robert 04.01.18 – Sydney sights Harley tour

Sydney sights Harley tour

Thanks Katrina

Had a ball! Jungle George and Phil were great!
More than happy to post photos on social media.
Thank you for a great experience.

The Sydney sights Harley tour is just what Uncle ordered. When your Uncle comes over from London you have to go on a Harley Tour. Phil and Jungle picked them up from their hotel and rode them around Centennial Park, Double Bay, Rushcutters Bay, Kings Cross, Woolloomooloo, Lady Macquarie’s Chair and back to hotel. It was a rainy day but it didn’t dampen their spirits and they still enjoyed the experience.

A Sydney sights Harley tour is a good tour to do if you want to ride around the city.

Harley ride Christmas present

Ben + Lachlan 29.12.17 – Harley ride Christmas present

Dear Trevor,
Both boys loved the ride. I presume they were a little quiet and not too chatty on the ride. They got home and thought it was awesome.
Of course you can put their photos on social media.
Kind regards
Mum organised the Harley ride Christmas present for the two brothers. One of them desperately wants an off-road motorcycle and is hoping this ride will get it out of his system, at least for a while. Pat and Craig picked them up from home and rode them around the beautiful Northern Beaches. The boys had such fun as did the riders. What could be nicer on a beautiful day than a Harley ride?

The Harley ride Christmas present was the best present ever!

trike tour Christmas voucher

Callum + Caroline 17.12.17 – trike tour Christmas voucher

Hi Katrina,
We had a great time! The trike tour Christmas voucher was a great idea.

Happy for you to put one on social media.

Our passengers were given a trike tour Christmas voucher last Christmas. Finally they booked the ride and are so happy they didn’t waste it. Steve picked them up from Terry Hills on the Northern Beaches and took them for a ride through Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park to West Head Lookout. West Head Lookout has beautiful views overlooking Palm Beach and the National Park is a lovely drive through.

A trike tour Christmas voucher is a great gift idea for an unforgettable experience. The vouchers are valid for 12 months.

trike tour Sydney experience

Bryan + Linda 14.12.17 – trike tour Sydney experience

Hi Trevor
Bryan and I absolutely loved the tour.  Steve is a brilliant host.

A trike tour Sydney experience was something our Sydney locals really wanted to do. They caught the train into town where Steve picked them up and took them on the North Shore Skimmer tour. It was a beautiful day for an amazing experience and they loved every second of it. We love showing locals parts of Sydney they have never seen before! Manly, North Head, Balmoral, Bradley’s Head, Sydney Harbour are just some of the areas we take you through on this tour.

So, for something different and an experience you’ll never forget do a trike tour Sydney experience.

Harley ride surprise birthday gift

Maggy 13.12.17 – Harley ride surprise birthday gift


Maggie loved her surprise and George was lovely and friendly too.


The ride was a Harley ride surprise birthday gift – a surprise gift from her sister, Yvonne. Jungle George picked her up on his good-lookin’ Fat Boy Harley and took Maggy around the area.

Anyway Maggy’s family all came out with her, they loved the Harley especially Maggy she even got a shot in it with her son.

Jungle says, “we headed off for King Georges Road which was at gridlock. So exit stage left and headed for Cooks River in Croydon Park for photos then Maggy just wanted to cruise before heading back to Lakemba.  Maggy wants to book 2 Harley’s for her and her son.  I gave her a brochure, she will be in touch. Troll Tours Forever, Forever Troll Tours”.

The Harley ride surprise birthday gift was the best present EVER!

Sydney trike tour

Fiona + Norman 10.12.17 – Sydney trike tour

Hi Katrina

We loved our trip with Steve thank you and no problem with photos on social media
Norman & Fiona

A Sydney trike tour was one of the first things our Scottish passengers organised for their holiday. Their first time in Australia and they wanted to make it a good time, on a trike or a Harley our passengers do get to see more of Sydney than the average tourist. With the breeze and the roar of the motor there is nothing quite as good an experience.

Steve picked them up from their hotel and took them on the Eastern Panorama tour. Over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, around the Royal Botanical Gardens, past Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, through Kings Cross, the Eastern Suburbs to Bondi Beach. They had a look around and then Steve took them back to their hotel. A Sydney trike tour was the perfect way to see and enjoy Sydney.

Harley ride bucket list

Dorothy + Heather 10.12.17 – Harley ride bucket list

Hi Katrina,

I can promise you they loved it. Jungle was brilliant.
I will pass on the images, and know the ladies will appreciate them.

Well done on the business. Excellent product and well supported by you and Troll.
Will certainly include you as preferred provider on future Sydney visits.


Our passengers both had a Harley ride bucket list and also promised their grandkids they’d go on a Harley ride while in Australia. They were from England, near London, here for the cricket.

Heather went first, Jungle rode her over the Harbour Bridge, checked out Luna Park and back.

Then it was Dorothy’s turn, they went over the Bridge but this time had more time so checked out Blues Point.  She was so impressed, Dorothy said another ticked off the list.  She had been planning a Harley ride from England and said if she knew she would love it so much she would have given the cruise on the harbour a miss for a longer Harley ride. Another Harley ride bucket list ticked off!