adults with disabilities trike ride

3Bridges Community 10.12.18 – adults with disabilities trike ride

Hi Katrina,
Just wanted to let you know that the group had the most awesome time on Monday.
Brian was so patient and helpful to everyone, and I think we may have made him a bit late for his next booking 🙁
We look forward to doing this again in the future.

The adults with disabilities trike ride is fun for all. A few times a year 3Bridges Community organises the rides with us. The passengers and the staff all love the trike ride so much. Brian meets them at Centennial Park and takes a few at a time on a ride around the park. Because of privacy we won’t show the adults with disabilities trike ride photos.

If you have a group of children or adults with disabilities a trike ride is a great way to give them a safe and fun experience. The trikes all have seatbelts.


Manly trike tour Sydney

Marilyn, Sharon + Trisha 03.12.18 – trike tour Manly Sydney

 trike tour Manly Sydney
Hi Katrina,
We had an AWESOME time! Craig was the best. We enjoyed every minute and will gladly share the pics (I asked the girls) and a glowing review once we get home.
Thanks so much,
Sharon, Marilyn and Trisha

A trike tour Manly Sydney was what our 3 Canadian passengers wanted to do. Craig our trike rider, picked them up from Novotel Hotel Manly and toured the Northern beaches. They then returned to Manly via Narrabeen Lake and Dobroyd Headland. Our passengers saw some of the loveliest views in Sydney on this tour and some of Sydney’s best beaches. Craig was enjoying himself so much that he gave them extra time. It was such a beautiful day for a ride, Sydney certainly showed itself off!

The Northern Beaches is an area in the northern coastal suburbs of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia, near the Pacific coast. This area extends south to the entrance of Port Jackson (Sydney Harbour), west to Middle Harbour and north to the entrance of Broken Bay.
Harley ride Christmas Voucher present

Holly 29.10.18 – Harley ride Christmas Voucher present

A Harley ride Christmas Voucher present
Hey Katrina,
The tour was amazing and Perry was great! Of course I’ll write a review that’s no problem at all. And yes you can use the photo.

Thanks for contacting me,

A Harley ride Christmas Voucher present was such a great idea. Holly’s parents didn’t know what to buy her for Christmas last year so they bought her the Harley ride. Buying the voucher meant she could pick a date that suited her. Perry picked her up in the Eastern suburbs, drove her around the city, over the Harbour Bridge to the north side where they did the Kirribilli Loop. This involves stopping near Jeffrey Street Wharf for photos and a view across the harbour to the Opera Hause and Sydney city. It also has a view of the Harbour Bridge from the side and you’ll also drive underneath it.

They rode back over the Harbour Bridge, around the Botanical Gardens, past Mrs Macquarie’s Chair and back to the drop off in Bondi. Holly and Perry both had fun on the ride, the riders love showing off Sydney from the back of their Harleys.

If filling out the Gift Voucher form online is too difficult, just email or ring us with what you would like. We will get in touch to arrange it with you.


Beach Beauty birthday trike tour

Kim + Kylie 28.10.18 – Beach Beauty birthday trike tour

Beach Beauty birthday trike tour

Hi Katrina,

The ride with Craig was great. We had a fantastic time. Happy for you to use photos.

Kylie + Kim

Kim + Kylie have both wanted to do a trike tour for quite a number of years – this is the year! They organised the Beach Beauty birthday trike tour with us. They live in the inner west of Sydney but decided to drive to the north side so they could see more of the northern beaches. We researched the areas and found a good place in Chatswood where there is no time limit of parking fees. Craig our trike rider, picked them up from there and took them on the 3 hour Beach Beauty tour. They wanted to spend more time around the Palm Beach area because they don’t visit there much. Craig knows the area well so showed them the well-known and famous sights (Home and Away territory) and the lesser known but equally as impressive scenery.

Our passengers had a wonderful time, saw heaps and loved the experience of being on the trike. There really is no feeling like it, it is so much fun.



3 Bridges trike tour for 70th birthday

Gail + Karen 13.10.18 – 3 Bridges trike tour for 70th birthday

Hi Katrina,

Hoping you had an enjoyable weekend. Thanks ever so much for forwarding the photos. Feel free to use any on social media.

Mum (Gail) & I had a wonderful time. Even though we are Sydney locals, it was so great to see the sights of Sydney from such a different perspective.
Many thanks to Craig our driver- he was awesome. Sharing his knowledge of Sydney and navigating around the Sydney traffic.
We both thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
Thanks again!

Karen organised a 3 Bridges trike tour for 70th birthday of her mum Gail. There are actually about 6 bridges on the tour but the 3 main bridges of Sydney are on this route so we call it the 3 Bridges Tour. The main ones are the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Gladesville Bridge and the ANZAC Bridge. When Craig drove the passengers over the Sydney Harbour Bridge he did the Kirribilli Loop and Blues Point. He stopped at both places to take some photos and continued on the route.

It was touch and go to start with but the weather held off. They kept dry while they saw the lovely views of Sydney from different angles. A 3 Bridges trike tour for 70th birthday (or any birthday) is a great way to celebrate!

Harley ride Bondi Beach Sydney

Kiwi Family 07.10.18 – Harley ride Bondi Beach Sydney

Harley ride Bondi Beach Sydney

Fantastic time again thank you, Katrina! You, personally, were great and really easy to deal with and totally got us sorted. And the guys were all fab too. My younger daughter and my sister and her girls all had a great time! Please feel free to post any photos on social media.

I’ll try and drag my husband over to Sydney as I’d love to do the 3 hour out of town with him. Here’s hoping.
’til next time!

A Harley ride Bondi Beach Sydney is just what Angela ordered. She did a ride with us last year while in Sydney on holidays with her daughter. This time she was is Sydney on holidays with her other daughter, her sister and her nieces. Our Harley riders picked them up from their hotel and rode through Paddington, Bronte, Tamarama, Bondi beach, towards Watsons Bay, Rose Bay, Double Bay, Rushcutters Bay, Kings Cross, Woolloomooloo and back to Hotel.

The weather held off mostly and the passengers all had a such a fun time. Angela is now thinking of booking a longer ride for herself and her husband. We love it when our passengers have such a great time that they want to do another ride. A Harley ride Bondi Beach Sydney or actually anywhere in Sydney or the outer areas of Sydney is fun to ride around.

birthday trike ride Sydney

Olivia + Rosemary 02.10.18 – birthday trike ride Sydney

birthday trike ride Sydney

TripAdvisor review: “My son gave me this ride as a gift and I chose to use it on my daughter’s birthday. We had so much fun. Our driver, Craig, was prompt at the meeting point I requested. He took us to the great iconic sights in Sydney and gave us some info about them too. The bike is hard to miss but not overly loud so you can still chat as you go. I didn’t want to get off it was a brilliant treat. Highly recommend Troll Tours. Super easy to book and really reliable. Treat yourself you won’t regret it”.

Rosemary organised the birthday trike ride Sydney for her friend Olivia. They drove in and parked at Blues Point so Craig picked them up there. They rode to Jeffery’s Wharf at Kirribili which takes you under the Sydney Harbour Bridge and past Luna Park. Then they drove across the Sydney Harbour Bridge to Woolloomooloo, Kings Cross and Mrs Macquarie’s Chair before driving back over the bridge. Craig dropped them back in Blues Point at their car. They had a great time! It was definitely one of the best birthday presents Olivia has ever received and one of the most memorable experiences!

We will help you organise a fun adventure tour as a birthday present for someone. It can be a surprise or not.

trike tour is great for blind people

Adrian + Heather 30.09.18 – trike tour is great for blind people

A trike tour is great for blind people!

Good morning Katrina,

Adrian has a blast! He raved about the ride the whole day. We were discussing the weekend while waiting at the airport on Monday night and it melted my heart when he said the ride was the highlight of the weekend.  Thank you!
As for Craig he is an amazing person and an asset to the company.  He was brilliant with Adrian, was not fazed by the fact he could not see, pointed outplaces of  interest, chatted the whole time about what was around us, pointed out things like the abundant footy decorations ect. When we got back I would have loved to have given him a tip to go and have a beer or something on us, , sadly I did not have money on me 🙁 as I did not bring more than the room key and my phone with me on the ride.
By all means use the photos and I will definitely post on social media.
Once again thank you for helping to make our weekend special.

Regards Heather

A trike tour is great for blind people, it uses all their other senses. They can feel and hear the trike; the motion, the vibration, the roar of the motor. Heather organised the trike ride as a surprise for her blind son. Craig picked them up from their hotel in the Sydney before heading across the Sydney Harbour Bridge to Blues Point for a photo. They drove to Jeffrey’s Wharf, Kirribilli for more photos looking across the harbour to the Sydney Opera House. A quick look at Neutral Bay before heading back through the Harbor Tunnel.

Craig then went via Centennial Park to Bronte, Bondi Beach before returning to their hotel. They loved the whole experience, this is what Heather wrote later: