50th birthday present tour

Andrew + Annake 06.12.17 – 50th birthday present tour

Hi Katrina,
It went exceptionally well and I have to say my prayers were answered – windy bit no rain! The clouds made for a dramatic backdrop! Andrew smiled like a Cheshire cat all the while, it was his first time on a bike, but he said that he now gets my fascination with motorbikes 😉 Steve was a very good guide, he obviously knows his routes and managed to carve out the best of Sydney in a very short time – a day to remember and according to Andrew “his best birthday ever”
Both Andrew and I are ok to post on SM.
Annake did a ride with her Mum a few years ago and they loved it so much, she organised a 50th birthday present tour for her boyfriend. Steve picked them up from their accommodation and took them for a tour over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, to Woolloomooloo, along the Eastern Suburbs to Bondi Beach. They came back via the city and The Royal Botanical Gardens. They stopped at Mrs Macquarie’s Chair for birthday cake and a glass of bubbly to celebrate a milestone birthday. This was definitely up there on the list of ways to celebrate a 50th birthday present tour!
Harley tour in Sydney Australia

Angela + Jhanna 30.11.17 – Harley tour in Sydney Australia

Hi Katrina,
Harley tour in Sydney Australia – yes! We had a freaking blast! I told my 20 year old daughter that I booked a really cool tourist activity and she cringed for a few days until she walked out and realised it was a Harley ride.
Thanks so much. George (Jungle) and Phil were so great. I am all over Facebook promoting you guys so yes please – use  whatever you like!
Ange and Jhanna

Our passengers made a last minute decision to do a Harley tour in Sydney Australia. They booked the day before and we were able to organise the ride for them. In Sydney on a holiday, the Harleys were a great way to see the sights of the city including Bondi Beach and Centennial Park.

They loved Jungle and Phil, our riders and had a great experience. So a Harley tour in Sydney Australia is great idea if you’d like to do something a bit different.

trike tour 70th birthday present

Denise + Rolly 29.11.17 – trike tour 70th birthday present

Hi Katrina,

As a 71 year old I thoroughly enjoyed our Harley (VW powered) Trike ride through Frenches Forest, along the beaches, culminating in the best view of Sydney from North Head.
Rgds Rolly

Rolly was given a trike tour 70th birthday present. Steve picked him and his wife up in the northern suburbs and took them on the Manly Patrol Tour. They saw some of the inner city beaches, Manly and across the Harbour to Sydney city. It is a lovely ride to do and showcases some of the lovely areas of Sydney.

So a trike tour 70th birthday present was a great present to receive, an experience which will never be forgotten.

Home and Away tour

Leigh + Robin 28.11.17 – Home and Away tour

Hi Katrina,
The tour was amazing! We had so much fun and it was great to see other parts of Sydney that we wouldn’t have seen otherwise.
Steve was a great guide, super friendly and took us to some lovely lookouts and it was really nice to get to know him too.
Really happy with the Home and Away sights I saw, they were the places I’ve grown up watching so it was great to tick them off the list and Steve allowed us plenty of time to look around.
We could quite honestly do a different tour each day as just driving around on the trike was great in itself.
We hope to come back in the next couple of years, if so then we’ll defo be booking another ride and will be recommending the company to anyone we know coming over.
I will also put a review on trip advisor, if I don’t get chance whilst we are here then I’ll sort once home in a couple of weeks.
More than happy for you to put a pic up and if you could send the pics to me in a higher resolution that would be fab.
Thank you once again for all your help and for an amazing experience!
Leigh 🙂
A Home and Away tour was the first thing on the list of things to do in Sydney. Our passengers are from England and they are addicted to the Home and Away TV serial. Steve picked them up from their hotel and took them on a tour of the Northern Beaches. Palm Beach was the main aim as that is where Home and Away is filmed and they saw most of the places where the actors hangout. We can’t show where the indoor scenes are filmed because that is in a studio but we can show the beauty of Palm Beach and surrounds. So if you love this TV serial a Home and Away tour is the way to go, you’ll be able to visualise the scenes so much better.
trike ride Christmas Gift Voucher

Helen + Jim 20.11.17 – trike ride Christmas Gift Voucher

Hi Katrina,

Further to my earlier email my Dad said the following about the tour:

We postponed the original 10.30 slot owing to the rain. Our driver Steve was very accommodating and came back after 12.30 when the weather had cleared. The ride was fun and comfortable with Steve’s occasional commentary and good humour. Helen and I enjoyed. Thank you again for the voucher!

Thank you again.

Kind regards,

Jim’s present was a trike ride Christmas Gift Voucher last year.  The gift voucher was for a certain tour but they wanted to design their own which was no problem for us.

They are Sydneyites so caught the train into Circular Quay where Steve picked them up. He took them through the city, past the Harbour to Watsons Bay in the Eastern Suburbs. Helen used to live in the area and wanted to visit it to see how it has changed. Though the weather was dodgy, they hardly got wet and really enjoyed the experience. A trike ride Christmas Gift Voucher is a great idea to buy for anyone who has everything, except the really expensive things like a Maserati. 🙂  They are valid for 12 months and the recipient can change the tour and add to the tour if they’d like to.

Harley tour Sydney Australia

Kylie 12.11.17 – Harley tour Sydney Australia

Hi Katrina,

I had my Harley Davidson bike ride today and it was absolutely brilliant!!!! Perry was fantastic & I felt so free & exhilarated. Stellar weather & just a wonderful day for me.

Thank you!

A Harley tour Sydney Australia was just what Kylie wanted to do. Perry picked her up from the hotel and drove her over the Sydney Harbour Bridge to Blues Point Reserve. It is such a great view over to Sydney city and the Opera House from here. Perry then drove her around the Royal Botanical Gardens, past Woolloomooloo, through the interesting Kings Cross. Kylie loved every second of her Harley tour Sydney Australia. She told us so!

trike tour birthday present

Samantha 12.11.17 – trike tour birthday present

Hi Katrina

Samantha loved her ride. Fox was a good guide so I hear.

Thank you

Samantha’s husband organised a trike tour birthday present as a surprise. It certainly was a huge surprise and she loved the two hours driving to the Windsor area.

Fox picked her up on the purple trike, purple being her favourite colour. He took her on the scenic drive before dropping her back at home to continue the birthday celebrations. A trike tour birthday present was the best idea – it doesn’t get put in a cupboard and be forgotten but is remembered for ever as such a fun experience.

Harley ride Christmas gift voucher

Beau, Josh + Sarah 08.11.17 – Harley ride Christmas gift voucher

Harley ride Christmas gift voucher

Hi Katrina,

Everyone had such a great afternoon, thank you.
Yeah that’s fine if you would like to put the photos up on your website.
Hope you have a great day.
Our passengers were given a Harley ride Christmas gift voucher last Christmas. They booked a Harley and a trike to take the three of them on the Eastern Panorama tour. Steve and Jungle showed them the sights of Sydney and they all had such a lot of fun. The photos were taken at Bondi Beach, Sydney’s famous landmark. A Harley ride Christmas gift voucher is a great idea if you don’t know what to get someone who has everything. They are valid for 12 months and the recipient can change the duration and the destination if they’d like to, we are flexible.