ANZAC Bridge Sydney, trike ride

Ann + Kevin 13.07.17 – ANZAC Bridge

Hey Katrina,

They loved the trike ride,especially over the ANZAC Bridge and the other Bridges they had a great time. The photos are excellent.


The ANZAC Bridge Sydney is one of the bridges on the 3 Bridges ride. We have worked out there are actually 5 bridges but the main 3 are the ANZAC Bridge, the Sydney Habour Bridge and the Gladesville Bridge. All 3 bridges plus the other 2 have great views of Sydney Harbour.

Our Irish passengers are in Sydney for a holiday to visit their daughter. The ride was a present from her, she thought it would be an interesting way to see parts of Sydney that most tourists don’t see. It was! They had lots of fun and saw Sydney from a different viewpoint before they flew home later today.

Manly and Northern Beaches Tour

Tess 05.07.17 – Manly and Northern Beaches Tour

Manly and Northern Beaches Tour


I wanted to share my gratitude for my Harley ride with Brownie on Wednesday; he was absolutely fabulous. I appreciated his patience, chivalry and generosity and he had a spectacular bike!

Thank you for organising the ride at such short notice. I loved every moment of the experience.

Please pass on my gratitude to Brownie. I’ll be in touch for my next ride next time I’m in Sydney.

My best

14th birthday ride surprise on trikes

Moir Family 26.06.17 – 14th birthday ride surprise

14th birthday ride surprise
Thanks very much Katrina,
We all had an absolute hoot!  It was great fun and perfect as a birthday surprise for Edward.  And the boys on the trikes looked after us perfectly.
We are fine if you’d like to use the photos on social media.
And the hightail link worked well – some great shots!
 Thanks again

Best Wishes

Blue Mountains trike tour

Nick + Patsy 24.06.17 – Blue Mountains trike tour

A Blue Mountains trike tour:

My wife and I went on a full day tour to the Hunter Valley with Trevor and his big yellow Harley Davidson trike. It was an absolutely fantastic day touring the wineries, drawing open-mouthed stares from all kinds of people in cars and on foot: we had so much fun!!

In fact, as that Hunter Valley trip was way back in January 2011, and we were back in Sydney for the first time since then, we decided to book Trevor and his trike again this year – but to go to the Blue Mountains instead.

Another fabulous day!!

Trevor is very knowledgeable about the places he tours to, and is able to avoid the most popular tourist areas for less crush but just as decent views – he’ll still take you to the busy places if you like though!

You can either suggest your own itinerary or you can put your trust in Trevor to take you to the most interesting, idyllic, peaceful spots around – just discuss with him what you’d like to see and off you go!!

Trevor is a very safe and considerate driver, never exceeding the speed limit and always aware of road conditions and other vehicles. On the back of a Harley trike (if you’re not used to motor bikes) you do feel exposed, but there’s no need to worry – it’s difficult to miss that big yellow machine driving near you!! On the day tours we went on, lunch was included too – at a local pub or winery or cafe or whatever takes your fancy.

Would I recommend a Troll Tour? Absolutely, even if it’s just an hour or so around Sydney.
Will I return? 100% yes!

Eightieth birthday present trike ride

Ann + Ron 21.06.17 – Eightieth birthday present

Truly a birthday present with a difference. A great ride Trevor – you know how to show the best of Sydney.

Yes, you can put our photos up, why not.


Christmas voucher trike ride

Annette + Wilma 19.06.17 – Christmas voucher

Christmas voucher.

Dear Katrina,

My mother and I loved our trike tour. Trevor was wonderful and we had a fun time.
You are most welcome to put the photos on social media. I have put on Facebook the photo of mum and I on the trike and mentioned Troll tours as great fun.
Thanking you,
experience to remember

Jano, Lou. Phil + Simon 15.06.17 – experience to remember

An experience to remember!

Many thanks Trevor for the great time we had cruising round Sydney for my wife’s 50th birthday treat.
You pointed out places of interest that are not on any of the tours we have been on in Sydney.

I was a bit worried for my wife as she is a bit of a scaredy cat but she felt very safe on the back of the trike with Trevor at the helm.
We are having visitors coming over to Australia next year, we will be booking a couple of trikes for that trip.


Harley trike ride transfer Sydney

Kathleen + Husband 14.06.17 – trike ride transfer

This trike ride transfer was a great way to arrive for our Seaplane flight to Cottage point. Our driver Trevor made sure we avoided the rain while touring thru the lovely old homes in Sydney’s Bay Area.

Thanks so much

Kathy (France)