Harley ride Palm Beach, Sydney

Melissa + Wayne 04.06.17 – Palm Beach

Palm Beach tour


We had the best time! Something we will definitely do again. Jungle and Pat were awesome and made the experience perfect for us.
Thanks again and yes we are more then happy for you to use the photos on social media.
Kind regards,
Harley trike ride, Sydney Harbour tour

Kelly + Maryanne 04.06.17 – Sydney Harbour trike tour

Hi Katrina,

Sydney Harbour trike tour  – thank you for getting back to me – this was the highlight of our stay in Sydney.  The Trike tour was fantastic being on the back of the bike was just marvellous, even better than the Blue Mountains.  I have passed on this info to one of my friends who is coming over on holiday next year.

Thank again best tour ever.


Harley trike tour, an adventure memory

Lizzie + Oz 01.06.17 – an adventure memory

An adventure memory

Hi Guys,

I just want to tell everyone this trip is an absolute must for anyone of any age looking for an adventure!

Trevor was an absolute scream and made the trip so worthwhile! A definite bucket list thing to do!

Thanks again for a great Harley trike tour!


trike tour Home and Away TV Show

Ian, Katie + Sierra 27.05 17 – Home and Away TV Show

The Home and Away TV Show location was a great destination.

Thanks Katrina,

The surprise worked to perfection. We all had a great time!

Cheers & thanks


Harley ride, Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, Sydney

Steven 27.05.17 – Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park

Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park Tour
Hi Katrina,

Thanks, I really enjoyed the experience!
I may as well get the photos in the higher resolution if possible and you can use one on social media if you like (I’m unrecognisable anyway 😀).
Harley trike tour wedding anniversary, Sydney

Fiona + Rick 26.05.17 – wedding anniversary

The wedding anniversary was a fun weekend Katrina,

Thank you for the pics. Greatly appreciated. We had a fantastic time and Trev was fabulous. All good to include on social media.

Again, many thanks for a great experience.


Harley trike ride, Manly, Sydney

Agnes + Arturo 22.05.17 – Manly, Sydney

Tour in Manly, Sydney.

Hi Katrina and Trevor,

My parents will talk about this ride forever! They had a fabulous time!

Awesome! Thanks!

Harley tours Sydney Indian tourists

Nandita + Prashant 18.05.17 – Indian tourists

Thanks Trevor,
The family thoroughly enjoyed the Harley bike ride and were overwhelmed with the excitement and experience.
Yes definitely you can put it on social media. I will also put them once back in India.
Presently leaving Hamilton Island and proceeding to GOLD COAST this week
Cheers Mate!!