trike tour Blues Point to Bondi

Helen + Rebecca 22.10.17 – trike tour Blues Point to Bondi

Hi Katrina
We had a great time thanks, the photo by the bridge would be fine for sharing.
Brian was a hive of information on the tour a real asset to your team.
Brian took our passengers on a trike tour Blues Point to Bondi and lots of places in between. He picked up at Pancakes at the Rocks, went over the Harbour Bridge to Blues Point, then back over the Bridge, through Wooloomolloo, Kings Cross, down to Bondi Beach and back to pick up address. The ladies were going on an 8 day boat cruise, but said they wanted to see the sights of Sydney before they did. They sure did see a lot of Sydney an in great style!
trike tour Manly

Cathy + Christine 21.10.17 – trike tour Manly

Hi Katrina,

Christine & Kathy could stop smiling for the rest of the day – they loved it, thank you for a great experience.

Thank you

A trike tour Manly was a present for Cathy and Christine. Steve picked them up near Manly Wharf took them to the scenic places around the area. On a cloudy day the view is still quite spectacular. They loved the whole experience and would do another trike tour Manly.

trike ride to Bondi Sydney

Lone + Marion 17.10.17 – trike ride to Bondi Sydney

Hi Katrina,

It was such a fun day, Lone said that her cheek muscles were sore from continuously smiling for 1.5 hours!!!
Thanks again!
A trike ride to Bondi Sydney was organised for our Danish passengers by a local. They have come to Sydney to visit her and see the sights and what better way than on a trike tour. They absolutely loved the experience over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, around the Botanical Gardens, through Kings Cross and to Bondi Beach. Greg dropped them off at Bondi Beach where their friend met them, she had followed in a car to take photos. They could have a good look at Bondi and stop for lunch at one of the many restaurants and cafes. So a trike ride to Bondi Sydney was a real success.
trike rides with disabled passengers

3 Bridges Community 16.10.17 – rides with disabled passengers

Hi Katrina,

Brian was fantastic, very friendly and accommodating.
Did not see the rangers even once!

We had a fabulous day, smiles all round.
Thanks again.

Michelle  🙂

We love doing rides with disabled passengers, they have such a great time. Feeling the wind on their face and hearing the roar of the motor, there is nothing like it. Every six months we take people from the “3 Bridges” Community on short rides around Centennial Park in Sydney. It is always success and the passengers remember it for a very long time. Over the years we have plenty of experience doing rides with disabled passengers and we love it.

Harley ride, corporate get together

QT Sydney 13.10.17 – corporate get together

Hi Katrina,

Yes, they were so surprised. They all expected a hummer or limo! Haha

We all had such an amazing time and all the guys were awesome! Photos look great too!

Of course you can use the photos on social!

Thanks again for an awesome day!

QT wanted to organise a corporate get together in Sydney, for their staff. It was a surprise for the employees and what a great one it was! The Harleys and trikes all met up and when the staff came around the corner they received a huge yet pleasant surprise. None of them were expecting to go on a Harley or trike ride that day but were so happy they did. Our riders drove them around the city and the Eastern Suburbs and beaches including Clovelly, Bronte, Tamarama before dropping them off at a Bondi Beach restaurant for lunch.

They all had such a great experience, it really was a company bonding time especially when unexpected. So, if you want to organise a corporate get together in Sydney, maybe a Harley ride is a good opener to a fabulous day.

trike tour 40th birthday surprise

Leanne + Lyndsey 11.10.17 – trike tour 40th birthday surprise

It was fantastic. A great day and would highly recommend.

Yes please feel free to use the pictures.

Thank you.

Leanne organised a trike tour 40th birthday surprise for her friend. She organised they meet for morning tea, then Steve on the trike turned up outside the cafe. Lyndsey got the surprise of her life and absolutely loved the whole experience. Their smiles say it all and the drizzle of rain didn’t stop them from enjoying themselves.

Steve took them on the Eastern Panorama tour which goes past some of the greatest views in Sydney. So for a trike tour 40th birthday surprise or a surprise for any occasion, let us help you organise the experience of a lifetime!

trike tour 50th birthday present

Sean + Susan 09.10.17 – trike tour 50th birthday present

A trike tour 50th birthday present

Hey! They really enjoyed it, they said it was absolutely amazing.

They don’t mind at all if you put the photos on social media. 🙂

A trike tour 50th birthday present was a huge surprise for Susan. Visiting from Scotland, their daughter arranged the trike ride so they could see some of Sydney’s sights a different way. It was an experience they’ll never forget, they said “it was absolutely amazing”. Steve picked them up from their hotel and drove them across the Sydney Harbour Bridge to Blues Point Reserve with its beautiful views before dropping them back in the city. So for a trike tour 50th birthday present (or any other birthday or surprise) we are happy to help you organise a ride.

trike birthday lunch transfer

Brenda + Stephen 07.10.17 – birthday lunch transfer

I loved the tour with Steve as did my Mum Brenda, whose surprise birthday treat this was.
Happy for you to use this photo.

Stephen decided to make his mum feel extra special by organising a birthday lunch transfer. Steve picked them up from Brenda’s home and gave them a ride through the city and over The Sydney Harbour Bridge. They were dropped off in Mosman to continue the birthday celebrations. It was a fun start to a great birthday and they loved every minute of it.