Harley trike tour Sydney

Canberrians 05.02.17 – a surprise adventure #2

Hi Katrina

The experience with Trolls trikes was very enjoyable. Brian and Syl were very accommodating, friendly and we felt safe with them. A beautiful experience to see the sights of Sydney.


Harley trike tour Sydney

Canberrians 05.02.17 – a surprise adventure #1

Hi Katrina,
Better late than never…actually me too slow catching up with my mails
What a terrific way to surprise my girlfriends without the unnecessary long stride around the city. Brian and Sylvio were so congenial and fun , adding up the beautiful Sun-day we were blessed with.

Thank you for the wonderful experience and accommodating all my queries beforehand.
I will surely recommend this ride to all my Canberra friends and nationwide!

Yes we’re more than happy to have our experience posted on social media. Also happy to be interviewed  !
All the best to your business.


Harley trike tour North Shore

Margarets x 2 + Richie 05.02.17 – North Shore Skimmer

Hi Katrina,
I’ve been meaning to text Trevor all week about the North Shore Skimmer tour. They absolutely loved every minute of it!!! They sang nothing but praise of their driver Syl. They spoke more about him than the scenery ha.  Random question – what martial art does/did Syl do?

Lovely pics – go for your life with Facebook uploads ?.
Others mates at the rocks said they’ll defo be booking the trolls trike ride when they’ve got visitors?.

Thanks a mill.,

The Blue Mountains trike ride

Aaron + Sarah 05.02.17 – Blue Mountains adventure

Hi Katrina

Great to hear from you!
We had such an incredible time on Sunday and Trevor was absolutely fantastic – couldn’t have looked after us better!

The Blue Mountains are just such a beautiful part of the country and seeing them from the bike of a trike is definitely the way to go.

No problems at all to load a photo onto Social Media.
Hope you and Trevor really enjoy your travels and look forward to seeing what you are up to on your Facebook page. 🙂

Thanks for everything

Twilight at Taronga Mob 27.01.17 – weekend away with friends

The trike ride experience was fantastic! Every one of us enjoyed the trip, the boys were so accommodating and interesting to talk to  – 100 percent recommendation.


Harley trike ride Manly

Twilight at Taronga

Gary 15.01.17 – Harley tour Blue Mountains

I had a Harley ride through the Blue Mountains earlier today and what a fantastic experience l had. Ron was my host and showed me another side to the Blue Mountains that l had not previously experienced. To Ron and the team at Troll Tours a warm thank you for a great experience!

Harley trike ride Sydney

Alan + Kerry 15.01.17 – Sydney in a unique way

Hello Katrina,
We loved the trike ride experience and Trevor’s unique commentary, more than happy for you to share pictures with social media.

Alan and Kerry

Harley trike ride Sydney

Ben + Eliza 14.01.17 – trike ride transfer to lunch

Hi Katrina,
Brian was great, very good service from everyone at Troll Tours. We really did enjoy the Harley trike ride!