3 Bridges ride celebration

Dennis + Jan 06.05.17 – 3 Bridges ride celebration

Hi Katrina,
3 Bridges ride celebration was a huge success. Many thanks for your email and the lovely photos. Sorry for the delayed response.
Mum and Dad had a great day and really enjoyed their trike ride with Trevor. He was just delightful with them and they loved the tour (and chat).
The photo of Mum and Dad is fabulous and they would be very happy for you to use it on your website.
Thanks again for being so flexible and helpful in booking, and re-booking their tour.
Kind regards,

Brenda + Sheridan 21.04.17 – marriage proposal

Marriage proposal.  Thank u so much for the awesome experience and for the amazing photos.. Will definitely tell all my friends and family that they have to do a trike ride with u..

Regards sheridan


Jasmine + Robert 18.04.17 – birthday ride surprise

Birthday ride surprise (50th) from wife to husband and daughter.

Hi Katrina,

Once again, thank you for the photo.  Was funny, on Saturday afternoon we were driving on Roseville Bridge towards Forestville and I could see a yellow trike in the traffic.
I said to Jasmin ‘I wonder if that is Trevor’ and she said ‘No’ .. then we drive past as he was turning and it was Trevor …

Jasmin was looking for another ride!

Take care – cheers

Harley trike tour Eastern Panorama cerebal palsy

Hesham + Nick 08.04.17 – Eastern Panorama tour

Hi Katrina,

They had a fabulous time! Loved every minute but especially going over the Harbour Bridge. I’m sure Nick will be lining up another ride when he saves up his money!

Thanks so much for following up.


Harley trike tour Bondi Sydney

Jenni + Stewart 01.04.17 – birthday voucher

Hi Katrina
Thanks for the photos. We really enjoyed the time with Trevor.
We would be happy for you to utilise one of the photos.

Jenni & Stewart

Harley tour three bridges

Raghav + Vasundhara 30.03.17 – wet but fun Harley ride

Hi Katrina,

Greetings from Wel-Travel Australia!!!
Thanks for your email & really appreciated for the efforts of Troll tours team.
Yes, it seems the guest had wonderful time exploring the city on Harley!!!

Once again thanks & have a nice weekend. 🙂
Thanks & regards

Harley trike tour Sydney Harbour Bridge

Jen + Robin 29.03.17 – Sydney holiday fun

Hi Trevor,

Robin and Jen really enjoyed the tour on the trike with you this morning, thanks. Would you be able to send through a copy of the photo you took of them?


Hi Trevor,
Thanks for the ride yesterday and the photos ?. We’ve been to Sydney 4 times before and this was definitely the best tour we’ve done.

Katrina asked if it was OK to post the photos up onto social media. The answer is yes.

Kind regards,
Robin and Jen

Harley trike tour Sydney Harbour Bridge

Jen + Robin 29.03.17 – trip advisor review

trip advisor review

We toured both sides of the Sydney Harbour Bridge with Trevor (Troll).

A great guy to chat with and find out more about the city and his bikes. Highly recommended.