trike ride Eastern Panorama exploration

Gary, Stuart + Wilson 21.07.18 – trike ride Eastern Panorama exploration

We initially did a 45 minute harbour bridge tour which was a great experience. My eleven year old son and I enjoyed it so much that we booked a 90 minute trip a few days later. It is the best way to see Sydney and was the thing we will remember Sydney by. A definite highlight – worth every dollar.


Gary and his son Wilson did a trike ride 3 days ago. They loved it so much, especially Wilson, that they did another ride today, this time with another person who they had recommended us to. This time it was a trike ride Eastern Panorama exploration. Brian arrived at their hotel in Surry Hills and discussed with them where they wanted to go. They had 1.5 hours to explore Sydney. They really wanted to go over the Harbour Bridge again so Brian took them over it and back again. Then they headed over to Woolloomooloo, Kings Cross, Bondi Beach where they stopped for photos. Next they went to Tamarama and Bronte before being dropped at Paddington to go for lunch.

Any of our rides are good for exploring Sydney, chose one of our rides or create your own. We are very happy to take you wherever you’d like to go!

trike ride while working in Sydney

Gary + Wilson 18.07.18 – trike ride while working in Sydney

Harley tour Sydney orientation

Tina 29.06.18 – Harley tour Sydney orientation

Hi Katrina

I’m happy for you to post a photo. I had a great time and Jungle George was the best . Happy to write positive review as well.

Tina is in Sydney for a couple of days while her husband works, they are from Melbourne and she didn’t know Sydney at all. She was trying to get her bearings so on the second day her husband said “try it on a Harley”. She thought he knew someone but no, go with a professional company. Jungle turned up on his Harley and to give her an idea of Sydney, he did the Harley tour Sydney orientation – over the 3 Bridges and around the city. This meant Tina got an overview of the city, the north side and the inner west – most places that visitors to the city don’t see.

Tina loved the view from the Gladesville Bridge over the entire city, it’s one of our faves also. It was a great suggestion of her husband and now she has a better idea of Sydney and its layout.

trike ride birthday present Sydney

Amanda + Robert 10.06.18 – trike ride birthday present Sydney

Hi Trevor,

Mum and Dad had a blast! They loved being tourists in our own city and highly recommended it.

I have forwarded it onto my mum so she can review online.

Also, thank you for the photos!

Best regards,

Rob’s son Jake bought the trike ride birthday present Sydney for him. Jake’s parents were visiting Sydney so Brownie picked them up from their hotel. He drove them over the impressive Harbour Bridge to Kirribilli and its wonderful view across the Harbour to the Sydney Opera House. They had to duck and weave the light rain but most of the ride they were able to stay dry. As you can see by the smiles, it was fun even if there were the occasional drops of rain.

Harley, trike, sidecar tour Bondi to Bridge Climb Sydney

ADAMA 07.06.18 – Harley, trike, sidecar tour Bondi to Bridge Climb Sydney

HI Trevor,

Thank you so much for all of your efforts – they had a great time and thankfully the weather worked with us on that day!!

I have just gotten back on deck and then have a couple of days off again from tomorrow but will try and get to reviews etc by next week……

Thanks so much again Trevor it was a pleasure working with you.


We liaised with our client for a while to organise the Harley, trike, sidecar tour Bondi to Bridge Climb Sydney. The passengers came from all over the globe so we really wanted them to love Sydney. The ride was organised for yesterday but the weather was inclement. It was pouring rain so the ride was moved to today. We had to use a Hummer to accommodate the extra passenger numbers. Everyone had a wonderful experience, we stopped half way through the tour so passengers in the Hummer could swap to the Harleys, trikes or sidecar. We love it when everyone experiences something they never expected. This ride was organised as a surprise for the passengers from the company they work for.

We picked them up from Crowne Plaza Coogee Beach, Sydney. The Troll Tours riders rode the passengers to Bondi Beach for a photo stop. Then they drove around the city to finish at the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb. Everyone had a great time, the riders and passengers alike.

trike tour Sydney girls weekend away

Ballina Girls 29.05.18 – trike tour Sydney girls weekend away

Our first Harley ride! Wow what a fabulous awesome experience we had the best ride and had the best weather . Brownie n Syl were awesome and got our adrenaline rush going.
Thank You Troll Tours we had the best time.

The 4 ladies were from Ballina on the north coast of NSW. They did a trike tour Sydney girls weekend away to shake up Sydney. They loved it. Brownie and Syl picked them up from their hotel and took them on the Eastern Panorama tour. This tour shows our passengers around Sydney Harbour, through the Botanical Gardens which has Government house situated in it. A fantastic view of the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge will be found from the point near where Mrs Macquaries Chair is.

Travel through Woolloomooloo, up to infamous Kings Cross, along the posh Eastern Suburbs and then we arrive at the world famous Bondi Beach. You will have a fantastic view from the back of the trike or Harley. We wander along the beach front where you will be momentarily as famous as the beach itself when all passersby can’t help but look at you. Doing a trike tour Sydney girls weekend away was a great idea and a fun experience.

Harley tour present Blue Mountains Sydney

Elif 19.05.18 – Harley tour present Blue Mountains Sydney

I had a great experience, Ron was really nice & friendly, he knew how to calm my nerves & took it easy.
You can post the photos on social media if you’d like.
I will also write a review on Facebook to.
Many thanks,

Elif was given the Harley tour present Blue Mountains Sydney from a friend. She was so nervous that she postponed once but realised she had to do it eventually. Rock picked her up from Katoomba Railway Station and took her on the ride of her life. In Rock’s words:

“This young lady was so nervous.
When she 1st mounted the bike I could hear her breathing so fast, I had to tell her to take deep breaths.
Her grip on me was like a constrictor.

Our 1st stop she told me she had her eyes closed & was crying.
The second stop she said her eyes were open & no tears.
Stopped had a coffee & a chat, leaving there on the way home she wasn’t even holding me & was all smiles”.

Another convert to the Harley life. 🙂

Harley ride to see the Sydney sights

Khanna Family 17.05.18 – Harley ride to see the Sydney sights

You guys were very well organised and really took care of us very well.

This family is visiting from India. Dad rides a Royal Enfield Bullet Motorcycle at home and wanted to experience a Harley ride to see the Sydney sights. Our Harley riders picked them up from their hotel and took them on the ride of their life! 🙂 The riders took them over the Sydney Harbour Bridge to Blues Point Reserve for the photo shoot, back over the bridge to Woolloomooloo, Kings Cross, Taylors Square and back to Hotel. During the ride the Harley riders were live streamed on Facebook for the world to take in what Sydney has to offer.

If you’d like a Harley ride to see the Sydney sights we can organise the ride for you and however many of your family and friends who’d like to come as well. We do admit you’ll have a great time, an experience to always remember.

trike ride for birthday weekend away

Ian + Robyn 06.05.18 – trike ride for birthday weekend away

Hi Katrina,

We had a great ride with Graham and a very knowledgeable guy and would definitely do it again.  That would be nice if you put one of the photo’s up, I really like the one of Ian and I standing in front of the Harbour Bridge.  We should have got another shot with the bike behind us, but there is next time.

I will certainly put a review on the sites and let you know when I do.


A trike ride for birthday weekend away was a highlight of their time in Sydney city. It is Robyn’s birthday so they came up from the shire for the weekend and incorporated a 3 bridges ride. Brownie picked them up from their hotel and took them around the bridge circuit. Over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, stopping for photos and to see the wonderful view from Blue Point. Then through North Sydney, through a few of the north shore suburbs until they reached the inner west and over the Gladesville Bridge. It has wonderful views to the east and the Harbour Bridge. They continued along until they turned off at Iron Cove Bay for a drive around the water. Then across the impressive ANZAC Bridge before being returned to their hotel.

trike ride girls weekend away

wwwgirls 05.05.18 – trike ride girls weekend away

Hi Trevor,

Just a quick note to say thank you for the photos.  We had the best time on your trikes.  The guys were great and we couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces!  We did lots of cool things over the weekend but the Troll Trikes were our favourite!  Thank you soooooo much from all the www girls, you will definitely see us again  next trip!
kind regards
Vicki Brady
ps:  put a great review on trip advisor for you.
A trike ride girls weekend away was organised for these “girls” from Port Macquarie. It’s the annual girls weekend away to cut loose and part of the fun was the 3 Bridges trike ride. Four of our trikes picked them up from their hotel and took them on the ride. They drove over the Sydney Harbour Bridge to Blues Point where they stopped for photos. Then they drove through North Sydney and a few suburbs until they got to the Gladesville Bridge. It has wonderful views from the inner west towards the Harbour Bridge and the city.
Onwards along Victoria Road where they turned off to do part of the famous Bay Run. It travels approximately 7 kms around the shores of the Iron Cove Bay and is one of the most popular harbour side tracks in Sydney and has pretty views of the water. Then they continued the ride over the magnificent ANZAC Bridge, it is also a great ride to do on a Harley trike because you can see above you to the amazing arches. Then the passengers were dropped off at The Rocks. It was a great way to spend an hour during their wild weekend.
25th wedding anniversary present

Bridges Family 05.05.18 – 25th wedding anniversary present

We booked a ride to celebrate my brother and sister-in-law’s 25th wedding anniversary. Sydney turned the weather on and we had a fantastic ride on the Trikes.

Both Graham and Syl were accommodating and friendly and even though we are all Sydneysiders we saw areas we have never been. Easy communication through email… book it …you won’t be sorry.


We postponed this trike ride surprise birthday present from last Saturday due to the rainy weather. Today was absolutely beautiful, a perfect day for a trike ride. Brownie and Syl picked them all up from Barangaroo and took them on the North Shore Skimmer ride before dropping them off at Manly. They called in to see some beautiful views of the Harbour, Sydney city and the Heads. The photo is from Dobroyd Head where you look between North and South Head. The passengers had a fabulous time and the 25th wedding anniversary was a wonderful present, one they will never forget.