surprise birthday trike rides

Scott Family 14.09.19 – surprise birthday trike rides

The surprise birthday trike rides for Damien and children was a huge success!

Fantastic, Awesome Way to See Sydney Beaches

“My wife organised a trip with Troll for a surprise Birthday present for me. My wife’s dealings with Troll were outstanding, she gives five stars for professional, friendly, helpful staff.

She even had to change my pick up time at the eleventh hour which was not a problem and sorted! From the moment Craig (our rider) picked me and my two kids up from our hotel (very punctual , actually early) we had the time of our lives enjoying the wonderful sights of Sydney on a beautiful day.

Weaving though so many back streets in the Eastern Suburbs was a blast and eye opener. The beaches from Bondi to Bronte were just stunning. I will never forget this experience with my children.

Thank you Craig for your professional approach to riding us around, most relaxing and your conversations were enjoyed.

Thank you Troll, I have certainly recommended you to everyone at work and family. I will be back for another ride at some point”.

Brenda organised a surprise birthday trike rides for her husband. It was also a surprise for their two children.

The eastern suburbs

They are on holidays from interstate so Craig picked the husband and two children up from their at hotel in the CBD. Firstly they rode down the major eastern thoroughfare of William Street. This leads to the eastern suburbs of Rushcutters Bay, Double Bay, Rose Bay and Vaucluse. They are all expensive areas which means they are usually are lovely and these are.

Bondi Beach

Continuing on, they rode to Bondi Beach where they stopped. It is always a great place to stop here for photos. We usually stop near the Bondi Lifeguard Tower, made famous by the Bondi Rescue TV show.

Tamara and Bronte

After that they rode south past the eastern beaches of Tamara and Bronte. In addition, they had time to ride through the lovely Centennial Park. Then on to Oxford Street, made famous by the Mardi Gras.

However, time was up so Craig took them back to their hotel. The surprise birthday trike rides was so much fun. In conclusion, Brenda was so happy she had organised the ride. It was a surprise for all and a memorable one.

Tamarama is an eastern beachside suburb of Sydney, in NSW. The locals (including us) call it Tamarama. It is affectionately nicknamed Glamarama (or Glamourama), as it is a beach where wannabe trend setters come to sunbathe and swim or simply try to be seen.

Bondi Beach is recorded by the Australian Museum that Bondi means place where a fight using boondi sticks (nullas nullas or fighting sticks) took place.

The Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras is an annual LGBT pride parade in Sydney. We, and so may other people, attended the parade and festival. Hundreds of thousands of people from around Australia and overseas. It is one of the largest such festivals in the world. We have had trikes in the parade for years.

Sydney scenic trike tour

Johann, Leah, Teresa, Vic 29.06.19 – Sydney scenic trike tours

Our guests in Sydney shared: “What a fun ride it was…first time😀🤪🤣 thank you for this once in a lifetime opportunity” 🏍🏍🏍 c o o l👍 Riding the Harley trike was a wonderful surprise treat to Vic & Tech Quisumbing of the Philippines! Ratings: 👍👍👍👍👍”. In other words, the Sydney scenic trike tours was a real success.

Our passengers wanted to the Sydney scenic trike tours. They are from the Philippines and holidaying in Sydney. Most importantly, our family knew we would give them a great experience and show them the main sights.

Pick up from Bondi Icebergs

Our trike riders, Brian and Kym, picked them up from outside Bondi Icebergs. Firstly, they rode through the city and as usual they received a lot of attention. It is a good way to see the city and for the city to see you.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Next, they rode over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It is a view and an experience we never tire of. However, make sure you look up to see the arches in all their glory. They are wonderful to look at without the roof of a car blocking the view.

The passengers wanted somewhere with a good backdrop to take photos. For instance, Kirribilli certainly provided the ideal scenery. So they stopped for photos and to admire the view. It is a spectacular view across Sydney Harbour towards the Opera House and the CBD. There is also an interesting perspective to the Harbour Bridge.

The Kirribilli Loop

They continued on, doing what we call “The Kirribilli Loop”. This takes us under the north end of the bridge. Pass by the entrance to Luna Park and the North Sydney Olympic Pool. Then it was back onto the Sydney Harbour Bridge. However, time was up so they rode back through the city and back to Bondi Icebergs.

In conclusion, the Sydney scenic trike tours was a huge success. Our passengers loved the whole experience and our riders enjoyed taking them.

Sydney scenic trike tour
Johann, Leah, Teresa, Vic 29.06.19 – Sydney scenic trike tours

In addition, many people don’t know that Sydney Harbour is part of Port Jackson. Port Jackson consists of the waters of Sydney Harbour, Middle Harbour, North Harbour and the Lane Cove and Parramatta Rivers, is the natural harbour of Sydney.

3 Bridges birthday tour

Logendra + Salni 09.06.19 – 3 Bridges birthday tours

Salni was given the 3 Bridges birthday tours as a present by her son. It was a belated birthday celebration.

Our passengers wrote to us the next day: “We had an awesome experience with Troll Tours. Our driver Craig was very informative, had all safety requirements covered. He was very timely and very knowledgeable of the route we drove. We felt very safe on the trike with Craig. An awesome experience and highly recommended. Thanks again”.

Craig picked them up from Circular Quay, it is a central and easy place to pick up and drop off.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Firstly they rode over the first of the 3 Bridges. The famous and iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge. As we keep telling everyone – look up! Without a roof blocking your view, you will really be able to appreciate the arches.

After that, they stopped at Kirribilli on the north side of the Harbour Bridge. It has wonderful views across Sydney Harbour towards the Sydney Opera House and the CBD. A view we never tire of. In addition, it also has an up-close view of the side and underneath of the bridge.

They continued on through North Sydney and Crows Nest before joining River Road. It is a fun road to ride on. River Road leads to Burns Bay Road which, in turn, leads to another bridge but not one of the main three.

Fig Tree Bridge, Tarban Creek Bridge, Gladesville Bridge

It is the Fig Tree Bridge which opened in 1963 and spans the Lane Cove River. After that bridge, they continued on and crossed the second of the bridges Tarban Creek Bridge. This spans Tarban Creek. Then they got to bridge #2 of the main 3 Bridges, the Gladesville Bridge. It has wonderful views along Parramatta River towards the Harbour Bridge and the city.

This bridge is on the main arterial thoroughfare of Victoria Road. They travelled along for a short while before turning off into the inner west suburb of Drummoyne. Following the shoreline of Iron Cove, which is part of the Parramatta River, they saw some lovely water views. It is part of the 7 km long Bay Run.

ANZAC Bridge

They continued on riding onto the incredible ANZAC Bridge – bridge #3. Similarly, it is also great to see without a roof over your head inhibiting the view. Riding into the city is always interesting, however, time was up. Craig dropped the passengers back at Circular Quay. Our passengers thought the 3 Bridges Harley ride was fantastic, a great way to see parts of the city only the locals know about.

In conclusion, the 3 Bridges birthday tours was a huge success, another “best birthday present ever”.

69th birthday VIVID tour

Bernie, Megan + Peter 24.05.19 – 69th birthday VIVID tour

The 69th birthday VIVID tour testimonial:

“Hi Katrina,
Sorry for the slow response we have been out & about today. 
I absolutely want to say that we had the best time on the trikes last night. I was going to email you when we got back to the hotel but thought the ping might wake you. 
The guys were fantastic. My friend and I were on Craig’s trike and he was very informative. I forgot when I got on the Trike that I’m actually panic stricken in this situation but I just hung on tight and had a ball!!  

My husband thoroughly enjoyed the ride on the other Trike and now knows a lot more about motorcycles.
Thank you so much for helping us to have an absolutely fabulous night and for the photos. We will certainly be telling all our friends about the experience and that fine to put some pics on your media.
Cheers Bernie”

In Sydney for a short time, Bernie organised the 69th birthday VIVID tour with us. She is celebrating her 69th birthday and therefore wanted to do something fun and a bit different to the usual touristy stuff. Why not combine it with a ride around the VIVID sights!

Mrs Macquarie’s Point

Craig and Joe picked our passengers up from a restaurant. They had eaten dinner first so then they could relax while taking in the Sydney sights. Firstly, they rode to Mrs Macquarie’s Point. We can’t ride to the exact point but it is possible to walk to the point. We can ride far enough to see the wonderful view looking west to the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Next, they rode through part of the city and across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. One of our favourite views is from Blues Point. It has the same type of view as Mrs Macquarie’s Point but in reverse – looking east across Sydney Harbour to the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.

In addition they stopped at Jeffrey Street Wharf, Kirribilli. From here the view is closer to the Opera House and the CBD. They had a look around and had some photos taken. The perspective of the Harbour Bridge is fabulous from here. They drove under the bridge and back across it.

However, time was up so they were dropped off near their hotel at Circular Quay. The 69th birthday VIVID tour was a great success. In other words, our passengers had such a fun time and saw the pretty sights of the VIVID Festival and Sydney.


The website says: Where art, technology and commerce intersect. Three weeks of game changing ideas and seminars, amazing music and light sculptures that transform the city. It really is worth a look.

Harley tour Southern Spectacular

Stacey 06.05.19 – Harley tours Southern Spectacular

Stacey wrote to us: “I honestly had the best day ever on my Harley ride. It was sooo bloody thrilling, I really loved it. Syl was such a top bloke, he kept me entertained, he kept me safe and made the day special. I would recommend this Harley ride to anyone.” In other words, the Harley tours Southern Spectacular was just that!!

Stacey was given a gift voucher for the Harley tours Southern Spectacular. It was for her 50th birthday and it was a very thoughtful and unique present from her brothers. Stacey absolutely loved the whole experience – best birthday present ever!

Syl picked her up from home in the southern suburbs if Sydney. They went on an epic and memorable 4 hour ride.

Firstly they rode through the Royal National Park. It is the oldest National Park in Australia, the second oldest in the world. Above all, it is very scenic and a great road to ride the Harley on.

Stanwell Tops

They continued on to Bald Hill at Stanwell Tops where there are beautiful views along the coastline and the South Pacific Ocean. A lot of hang gliders use this as their base to jump off, which is interesting to watch. Next they followed the coastline down and across the amazing Sea Cliff Bridge. It is a balanced cantilever bridge and cost $52 million to build.

Kiama Blow Hole

Next stop was the Kiama Blow Hole. It was blowing really well today, lots of water spouting out. Visiting them was well worth it today, the blowholes don’t always blow. We found out they were formed from basalt lava flows 260 million years ago. First written about by George Bass in 1797. The name ‘Kiama’ has long been translated as “where the sea makes a noise” – and nowhere is this clearer than at the famous (and loud) blowholes.


After that, they cruised along until they ended up at a Berry pub for a beer (Stacey) and hot chips. The local Chamber of Commerce named it “The Town of Trees” in 1975 because, towards the end of the last century, the local settlers planted extensive stands of English oaks, elms and beech trees. 144 km south of Sydney via the Princes Highway.

They then headed back to Sydney via the freeway. Therefore Stacey received a taste of both the coastal meandering and the faster paced road. The 4 hour Harley tours Southern Spectacular is a great way to see the southern area of Sydney. In conclusion, it was a wonderful birthday present!

Blue Mountains trike ride

Beau, Cade + Jake 18.04.19 – Blue Mountains trike ride


Hi Katrina,
I just wanted to say what a great time my grandsons had on the Blue Mountains trike ride. Max was wonderful with them and they were so excited to be dressed in leather and heading down the highway. The weather was perfect and we all had a good time. I followed in the car and enjoyed the trip as much as the boys. Max’s knowledge of the area was enlightening. An all round wonderful experience.
Thank you.

Grandma has just moved to the Blue Mountains area. She wanted see a bit of the area and also give her grandsons some fun while they were visiting. Susan organised the Blue Mountains trike ride with us because she knew we did rides in this area. They are aged 12, 9 and 7 and they were so excited to be dressed in leather, riding down the freeway.

Since it was school holidays as well, what an exciting adventure for the boys to remember. Our trike rider Max picked the grandsons up from her home in the upper Blue Mountains. Susan followed in her car so she could learn more about the area and where to go later for a more intensive look.

The Blue Mountains trike ride

Max rode them around the Mount Victoria and Hartley area. It’s very scenic and not as well known as other parts of the Blue Mountains, such as the Three Sisters. Hartley is a historical village in the Central Tablelands region of NSW – the top of the Blue Mountains range.

They continued riding to Lithgow where the ride finished. They boys and Susan had McDonalds for lunch before driving back home. Susan wrote to us after the Blue Mountains trike ride:

The ‘blue’ in Blue Mountains

The name Blue Mountains, is derived from the blue tinge the range takes on when viewed from a distance. This is because of the naturally occurring organic chemicals are emitted in large quantities by the abundant eucalyptus trees. When eucalyptus oils, dust particles, and water vapour combine, as the sunlight hits, it creates an optical illusion of a blue haze. The light allows the eyes to see the blue pigments in the atmosphere.

Manly Northern beaches Harley tour

Jenny 07.04.19 – Manly Northern beaches Harley tour

Hi Katrina,
The Manly Northern beaches Harley tour was absolutely amazing – thank you so very much. I am happy for one of the photos of me in the bike to go on your Facebook page. I promise to also write a review. Phil was fantastic and went above and beyond to make sure I had a wonderful memory to take home. All the best and thank you again.

We designed the Manly Northern beaches Harley tour especially for Jenny. She is South African now calling England her home and in Australia for a holiday. Jenny decided a Harley ride would be a good way to see some of the sights most visitors don’t get to see. Quite right!

jenny wrote, “I need a kind driver who won’t mind if I cling onto him tightly to begin with as I have only been on a bike once before – I’m not nervous though!”. We have many kind Harley riders but we knew exactly who to use. Phil is very kind, friendly and helpful. Jenny was not nervous for long.

Manly Northern beaches Harley tour

He picked her up from her hotel in Darling Harbour. The first thing they did was ride over the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge. It is a wonderful sight and to look upwards, it really gives a sense of its size and design.

They stopped at Blues Point to look across the beautiful Sydney Harbour towards the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Not far from there is Jeffrey Street Wharf, therefore they stopped for photos and to look at the wonderful view. It doesn’t matter what angle you see the famous icons, you’ll always love the view. Even on a grey day it is beautiful.

Continuing on, they rode eastwards into upperclass Mosman and down past Taronga Zoo to Bradley’s Head. So, if you are lucky you’ll see koalas having a nap or eating gum leaves. This is a headland protruding from the north shore of Sydney Harbour, with beautiful views to the city and the eastern suburbs.

Jenny and Phil called in to see the expensive Balmoral Beach, which is in one of the bays of Sydney Harbour. Over The Spit Bridge and down to the famous Manly and North Head. More beautiful views!!

The beautiful northern beaches

Along the coastline they rode, past some of the northern beaches – such as Queenscliff, Curl Curl, Dee Why and Collaroy. We love this area of Sydney. It is beautiful but has become very popular to visit and to live here. They rode up to Narrabeen Lagoon and onto the Wakehurst Parkway.

Wakehurst Parkway

This is a road which is tree lined and the speed limit is slightly higher, 80kms per hour. It gives the rider and passenger a chance to go a bit faster, to really hear the Harley.

All too soon the ride finished. Where did the 2.5 hours go? A Manly Northern beaches Harley tour was a fabulous way to see these beautiful areas of Sydney. There are no trains on the peninsula so to see that area you need a vehicle or you can catch a bus.

trike tour in Sydney

Christina + Vincent 10.03.19 – trike tour in Sydney

A trike tour in Sydney!
“Hi Katrina,
We had a great ride with Craig. Christina and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I will look into getting something up on Facebook – don’t use it myself.
Regards”, Vincent

A trike tour in Sydney

is just the right thing to do when you are exploring Sydney. We can show many sights in a short length of time. Our passengers are visiting Sydney for the first time so decided to do the trike tour.

Craig picked them up from outside the Glenmore Hotel in The Rocks. They rode over the Sydney Harbour Bridge for a look at the lovely views. Looking across Sydney to the Opera House and the city is a beautiful sight. From there, there is a different perspective of the Harbour Bridge.

They continued on under the north side of the Harbour Bridge. Next was a look around North Sydney. The tour continued as they rode back over the Harbour Bridge. They rode via Macquarie Street to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair. This is part of the Domain precinct which is on Macquarie Point.

The view from Macquarie Point

is stunning. You look westward towards the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Then they rode past Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool to Woolloomooloo. The trike tour in Sydney came to an end far too quickly, however, it is a great experience and a good way to see some of the major sights.

We do all different length tours. Depending on what you would like to see can depend on the time frame you choose.

The Glenmore Hotel was built by Brewers Tooth & Co in 1921 and is one of the last surviving pre-Harbour Bridge buildings on Cumberland Street. The site is known to have been occupied from the early years of 1800, although it is likely that, like the other ridges of The Rocks, it was occupied by the encampment of settlers in the first weeks of the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788.

14th birthday surprise ride

Christine + Sonja 09.03.19 – 14th birthday surprise ride

A 14th birthday surprise ride testimonial – Even before the rider (Craig) got back Christine wrote to us: “Thank you for the fabulous Troll Tour with Craig for my Granddaughters birthday. Will recommend this to all.” We love happy customers!!

Grandma organised a 14th birthday surprise ride! Sonja just didn’t know what was happening. She sure was happy though. Christine had organised the surprise ride earlier in the week and was so happy we could do what she wanted.

Craig picked them both up from grandma’s place. This was in the inner west of Sydney. They did the 3 Bridges ride.

The 3 Bridges ride

The 3 Bridges ride is a good one. Firstly Craig rode them over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. As we have previously mentioned, we love it! It is a wonderful structure to ride over. We love to lift our head up to see the arch in all its glory. We aren’t talking about the riders though, they keep their sight firmly on the road.

First stop is Kirribilli. As you can see by the photo this is a great place to look across the harbour. The view really is impressive. The first thing you will see is the Sydney Opera House and the CBD. if you look right you will see a different perspective of the bridge.

Then they started their adventure again by riding into the lower north shore suburbs. This led them into the inner western suburbs where the record building Gladesville Bridge is. It is the second main bridge on the 3 Bridges ride.

The next place they rode to was ANZAC Bridge (a cable-stayed bridge). BUT, there was a detour though. A really good one which always happens on the 3 Bridges ride. The detour was the “Bay Run”. It is a 7km footpath for walkers and pushbike riders which travels around ‘Iron Cove’. This is a very scenic inlet of Sydney Harbour.

After the Bay Run they rode over the wonderful ANZAC Bridge and back to home in the inner west. A 14th birthday surprise ride was the perfect present for a teenager! Grandma loved it also.

wedding anniversary Harley tour

Julie + Kevin 28.02.19 – wedding anniversary Harley tours

Our wedding anniversary Harley tours are such fun!
“Hi Katrina,
I have popped the photo and information up on my F.B page for all to see , what a great time we had, thoroughly recommended to all my friends and family. 
 Thank you  for the  wonderful experience  
Regards Julie and Kevin”

The wedding anniversary Harley tours was a great way to celebrate an important occasion. Kevin was given the Harley ride as a Christmas present. So Julie decided she’d like to do a Harley ride as well.

They are from Orange (4 hours west of Sydney) and decided to celebrate their wedding anniversary by doing the Harley ride when they came to Sydney. Phil and Perry picked them up from their hotel and took them on the experience of a lifetime.

They rode over the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge

They rode over the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge and did the Kirribilli Loop. The Loop has wonderful views across Sydney Harbour towards the Sydney Opera House and the city. It also takes you under the north end of the Harbour Bridge. Therefore, this will show you a unique aspect of it.

They continued into North Sydney for a quick look before heading back over the bridge. Then they rode past the beautiful Royal Botanical Gardens. There is a beautiful view towards the west of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Next they rode past Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, a chair carved out of stone. They rode into Woolloomooloo where the iconic and original Harry’s Cafe De Wheels is located.

They continued on through the infamous Kings Cross before heading to Circular Quay. So then they could start to explore Sydney on foot and have some lunch.

wedding anniversary Harley tours

The wedding anniversary Harley tours was a great celebration of an important occasion. An experience they will never forget and one they absolutely loved.

Mrs Macquarie’s Chair (also known as Lady Macquarie’s Chair) is an exposed sandstone rock cut into the shape of a bench. It is on a peninsula in Sydney Harbour. It was hand carved by convicts in 1810 for Elizabeth Macquarie. She was the wife of Major-General Lachlan Macquarie, Governor of NSW.